Life is an Art…whatever happens is a resource for creativity…

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“When Lesley works with me exploring art, story and the power of the imagination it is like discovering a new world. She is an inspirer for edge ideas that bring in a realm of paint, paper, pens, drums, mud, ideas, stories, drama, myths - remarkable ways of being in life explored from her background in therapy, art and dreamwork and it is wonderful fun! Her presence is magical, Lesley is an inspiring and exceptionally gifted communicator. She will be an empowering presence in your life. Go for it!” Professor Brian Bates - author of the shamanic novel ‘The Way of Wyrd’, and the book about the inner life of actors. ‘The Way of the Actor’. Brian wrote ‘The Human Face’ with John Cleese and works with Emma Watson on her film projects.

Windhorse Dreamwork is an exciting studio space set amid a beautiful garden on the West Coast of Victoria Australia. Offerings are available face to face in the region and on line.

Weaving the tapestry of life is vastly enhanced through active dreaming, creativity, art and creative transpersonal therapies.

Dreams reflect our everyday waking lives back for us in new and creative ways. Dreams put us in touch with deeper understandings, wisdoms and insights, providing clues, responses and creative pathways and solutions we can implement immediately.

“When we dream the spirit goes on walkabout” our indigenous people tell us, a powerful dreamer knows how to bring back a good story. (Robert Moss)

Transpersonal creative art therapies offer exciting innovative ways to explore ourselves, our lives, our work through a variety of art mediums, drama and playfulness, journalling and story.

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